Tuesday, February 3, 2015

There is no end in sight

we have two more chances at snow within the next week. The first chance is Thursday. Right now this storm looks small. There are two storms and it looks like they will not join up. If they combined we would have significant snowfall again that would start late Thursday and go into Friday. THe way this winter is going its not out of the question.
If the two storms do not combining looks like we will only get 2 or 3 inches. The only problem is that this snow is coming in during the morning commute to make a messy ride. If anything changes and the second storm tracks further north to join the other storm I will let you know.

When this snow is over we wait for the Monday snowfall. This one could be a little bigger with maybe 6 inches. I have to watch the track of the storm. More details to come

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  1. This is a sign that we should start watching Frozen ASAP!