Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wednesday's snow

I have had several students stop by my office today and ask if I think we will have a snow day tomorrow. My response to them is - If you have a midyear exam tomorrow I would be sure to study for that tonight. We are not going to get much snow tomorrow and the latest reports are stating that the rain/snow line is shifting further north. NBC Boston has us in the 3" range as seen below and then I have the write up from the weather channel

But I am not completely sold on this storm being nothing when I read weather advisories like this one

This advisory states that travel conditions will be difficult in Foxboro tomorrow morning and that is only a couple of miles from here. This weather statement also states 5-7 inches in Foxboro. I find it hard to believe that a town so close can get 2-4 inches more snow. I guess weather can be funny like that. 

All I can say is that this snow has me confused. 
This will be my last update today because I will be scoring the basketball tonight.  But of course if things change drastically I will update around 9pm when I get home from basketball.

Snow coming tomorrow (wednesday January 17th)

This snow storm has me very confused. Some forecasters say near 6 inches while others say only 2 inches. I personally am hoping for just the 2 inches. I don't want a snow day in the middle of Midterm exams. Here are the latest maps from this morning.

Monday, January 15, 2018

A little snow Wednesday

We have a little bit of snow headed our way this Wednesday. Right now it doesn't look to be too much but there are a few inches coming our way. The total amount could be any where from 2 - 6 inches. hopefully the weather people will fine tune this tomorrow and I will post updated snow maps. This is what I have found so far.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Here comes the warm up

I hope everyone is all shoveled out now. We are expected a little snow early tonight but that shouldn't be more than an inch. After this snow the temperatures will be on their way up each day and we will reach low 50's Thursday and Friday so there will be a lot of melting going on.
Be sure to get out and enjoy the sunshine when you can and I will let you know when we have the return of winter.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Dangerous temperatures this weekend

I hope everyone enjoyed the blizzard of 2018. I enjoyed the two snow days I got from the storm. I measured in three different spots in my yard and took an average so I got 17.67 inches of snow

Now we have to make sure to have some indoor plans for this weekend. Temperatures will be very low. The low temps of the days will be below zero and the windchill could reach 20 below. If you have to go out please be safe. Don't leave any skin exposed.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Snow Storm Grayson

Let me start this blog by saying I am not a meteorologist nor do I pretend to be. I am just a math teacher that is fascinated with weather and a teacher who loves her snow days. I watch multiple weather forecasts and read everything I can about weather. These blog posts are based on everything I have read and contain all the snow maps from as many different sources as I can find. Now on to the latest about tomorrows expected snow...

The snow storm due to arrive early tomorrow morning has been named Grayson.  The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm warning for our area.

  • Winter Storm Warning indicates that heavy snow of at least 6 inches in 12 hours, or at least 8 inches in 24 hours, is expected. It can also be issued if sleet accumulation will be at least half an inch. 

The NWS has also issued a blizzard warning for the area just to our east and south.

Blizzard Warning indicates that blizzard conditions (low visibility of less than 1/4 mile due to falling and/or blowing snow, and winds at least 35 mph) are expected for at least 3 hours.

This storm is going to be a powerful one. The very cold temperatures and high winds that follow this storm will make it very dangerous. From everything I have read about Grayson and all the weather forecasts I have watched I get the feeling that many of us will lose power and that means losing heat. That makes me very concerned about the pipes freezing and bursting in my house. Guess I will be running the water for the next 24 hours straight.

The snow should start before the morning commute. I have read that there will be times that the snow is falling at 2" per hour. That will make driving a little difficult. The worst of the storm should be over by early evening Thursday. 

Grayson has taken a little bit of a left turn. With the track going a little more towards the west that means some rain for the cape. Rain may keep the snow totals a little lower there. That also means that the snow falling in southern mass (near the rain line) will probably be the heavy wet snow. Most stations have kept the same amounts of snow for this storm. Here are a few

All the maps put us in the area with at least a foot of snow.
After this storm leaves us we have very cold temperatures to deal with. We will have wind chill temperatures as low as 15 below Friday night into Saturday. Stay warm everyone

higher snow amounts

Since my last post the snow totals have gone up. Most television stations are reporting amounts of a foot or a little more. Below I have posted the maps that have changed since my last post. I am more concerned about wind and power outages than I am snow amounts. Many people are going to lose power which means they will not have any heat. Please be prepared for that. Norton is very close to the blizzard warning so we should get some pretty strong winds.

Here are some new snow total maps. I will find more and update later this afternoon.