Monday, February 9, 2015

Have you had enough?

If you answer yes then you do not want to read this blog post. More snow is on the way and possibly a lot more snow. We have two more storms headed this way.  The 7 day forecast shows nothing but snow flakes

This is the headline from the channel 5 web site.

Storm #1 comes in on Thursday and heavy snow Thursday night. This storm is following the same typical path that could bring the storm further out to sea which would mean less snow for us. Right now the storm models show the storm is close enough to produce heavy snow. you will have to stay tuned for more updates tomorrow.

Storm #2 sets itself up off the east coast Saturday and we get more snow for Valentine's Day weekend. When does it end????????????


  1. I give, I give..."Uncle" already! No more snow!

  2. Where was all this snow around Christmas?!

  3. There is no end in sight. snow Thursday and then again this weekend. Going to be a loooooong winter.