Thursday, September 29, 2016

Will we have a snowy winter?

Are you a snow lover? If you are a snow lover, then you may be excited about this news. has released its prediction for this winter. This is the headline from their website.

The farmers almanac agrees with them. Below is a map with the outlook for this winter.

Our local paper The Sun Chronicle wrote an article about the upcoming weather. Below is the headline.

If this holds true then my seniors will be very excited about snow days.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Where is Hermine?

I was really  looking forward to some rain, or should I say my outdoor plants were really looking forward to some rain. According to the weathermen, the storm has slowed down to 3 mph so we wont feel many effects until tonight. The storm has taken a slight turn to the west so there is more of a chance to get some rain. Looks like we will be getting wet on our first day of school.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hurricane Hermine

Hermine was once hurricane but is now only a nor'ester. The storm is going to spin around out in the ocean for a while and may strengthen a little. This storm needs to be followed because Massachusetts, at least southern Mass, should get rain and wind from this storm. 
The map above shows the intensity of the storm just south of New England

This map shows the projected path of the storm. Since the storm is coming so close, the first day of school could be interesting. I will continue to watch this and blog an update if needed. Otherwise be ready to get wet Sunday night, Monday, and possibly Tuesday.