Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Important Weather Week

The weather is playing a part in my life this week and in the life of all my seniors both at home and at school. Thursday the Norton High seniors have their annual trip to six flags and I don't like all the rain in the forecast. Then we have the all important Graduation night on Friday and last year we had downpours. I don't want a repeat of that this year. Sunday my son has his graduation party and since the party is outdoors by the pool we would like some sunny weather.

This is the hourly forecast for Agawam, MA (according to for the times that the seniors will be there. Bring your rain coat. Don't worry, you will still have a great day. Fun in the rain,

On a happier note the weather for graduation night is looking good.

Then there is the big party at my house on Sunday. Looks like Bryan is going to have a great weather for his graduation party. Good thing, I don't know how I would have fit all those people in my house.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Hurricane Season

June 1st is the start of the hurricane season. Below is a graphic showing the number of named storms per month (on average). A storm is first recognized when it is a tropical wave, then it becomes a tropical depression. The next step is a tropical storm when a name is assigned, if the storm continues to strengthen a hurricane may be formed.

 The next graphic shows what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts for storms this year.

Here are the names for this year's storms. See your name any where?