Thursday, February 5, 2015

Days of endless snow ahead

Our next round of snow will begin late Saturday and last through Tuesday. Its a snow lovers dream come true. Below is a 7 day forecast from channel 12 in Rhode Island. Bundle up if you plan to go out Friday morning. Below zero temps when you factor in the wind chill.

So the snow will begin Saturday with light flurries maybe accumulating an inch or two. We will get the same all day Sunday. Then Sunday night the snow will pick up in intensity. The map below from shows the pink area which will have the highest snowfall amounts. Too early to give amounts or so they say.

Another meteorologist, Dave Epstein, made a list of an approximate amount of snow that may fall. The storm is still days away so these amounts can easily change. If you add them up the range goes from 11-21 inches. I think the snow banks that are already 7 feet high may go to 10 feet.

This map below shows the predictions from two of the models that meteorologist use. This shows Boston between 13 and 19 inches of snow.

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