Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter is here

Good morning to all the snow lovers out there. I think this post will make you happy. We will have several chances at getting snow over the next two weeks. The first snowfall should happen this afternoon. The snow should start to fall around 3:00 this afternoon. Most areas will see 3-4 inches but some locations mainly south of the Mass Pike could see up to 6 inches.

This should end early Wednesday morning and then later during the day Wednesday there is a chance for another inch or two.
After that the next chance will be Sunday night. There is the potential for a coastal storm. Not a block buster but some plowable snow. The GFS computer model favors over 6 inches of snow but the EURO is showing only 4-6. so we may have a snowy night as everyone heads out to the superbowl parties. As the day gets closer we will know more. No matter how much snow we get we will definitely have cold temperatures.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Last update for the day

I am heading off to bed now but before that I wanted to post one more time with some new snow total maps. This afternoon only WBZ had upped their total amounts but now everyone has increased their amounts and have moved up the start time. It should be snowing every where by late morning
Here are a few snow total maps

everyone now agrees we are getting close to a foot of snow.
Happy shoveling!

Afternoon update

I think we are going to get a little more snow than I previously reported. The winter storm watch has been upgraded to a winter storm warning and I have read that the storm is coming a little closer to the coast. Meteorologists have mentioned the snow may start earlier (late morning) than they expected.
Channel 4 (wbz) is the first to change their map with updated snow totals. The first map shows what they were predicting this morning and then the second map is what they have changed to in the last 30 minutes.

The National weather service changed their totals around noon time to the map I have below

I am off to a basketball game now so I will not be checking weather again until 9pm. If the totals change then I will post again at that time.
Enjoy the snow everyone!

Two days in a row

Doesn't the snow look so pretty this morning. I love the look when we have fresh fallen snow before the side of the roads get all dirty. Well I am happy that I will be looking at another fresh coat of snow tomorrow. Today we may get only 2 inches but tomorrow's storm should bring more.

The map above is the latest from the National Weather Service. The snow should move into our area by 1 or 2 in the afternoon so do all your errands in the morning. Norton has a hockey game in Hopedale that I was planning to go to but not if this snow is piling up. I will have another update here this afternoon.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two rounds of snow

Hello everyone, we have some white stuff headed our way but don't get too excited we aren't getting too much.
Late tonight into Friday morning we get the first round of snow. The further south you live the more snow you get.

The timing isn't good for the morning commute so drive carefully. We all know it only takes a little amount to make the roads slippery.

After this storm we get ready for the next one which will arrive later Saturday afternoon.
The storm looks to be staying out in the ocean so we won't get too much but the potential is there for a little more than the Friday storm

I will get back to you when I have more details about Saturday's storm. I'm hoping we don't get too much because I have a hockey game to go to Saturday night.