Monday, December 28, 2015

First Snow of the Season update

Seems that everything is staying the same.
A few hours later the snow will be changing over to freezing rain

These are a few updated maps I found. Channel 7 moved their 1-3 amount a little lower.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

First snow of the season

Is everyone ready to do a little shoveling? Some of us may have to shovel Tuesday morning. According to all the meteorologists we have to watch closely because its a close call between rain or snow. is calling for the most snow. They are reporting 3-5 inches Monday night for Plainville and then an additional inch Tuesday morning.

Below are the snow maps I found for the local stations. If anything changes I will blog again tomorrow. I'm hoping colder air stays in place and we get at least 6 inches of snow.

Friday, December 25, 2015

False Alarm

Yesterday I saw a weather forecast that predicted 5 inches of snow for Tuesday and I got all excited.

Turns out I got excited for nothing. Now the temperatures will be too warm for snow.

After Tuesday the temperatures will remain warm and any precip will be be rain. The next chance at any snow is January 5th and that is only flurries amounting to no more than an inch.

I will continue to watch the weather and blog updates. If snow enters the forecast you can be sure I will blog continuously

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sunny and Warm Christmas

If you were looking forward to a white Christmas I am sorry to say you will be disappointed. Christmas day will probably be 50 degrees. Guess its a year for Christmas cookouts. I hope everyone enjoys their warm holiday.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Upcoming Winter

I read something today that does not make me happy. I love the winter for snow days and I just read that El Nino may give us a warmer than usual winter.

Let's hope this is wrong. I would like a few snow days and I am sure my seniors would like a few days off as well.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Upcoming Winter

The time for cold weather and snow is getting closer. Last night channel 4 did a small segment on their news about the amount of snow we can expect this coming winter. All of their meteorologists are sure there will be much less snow than last year. I myself would love a repeat of last year. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Below is the map that channel 4 made with their predictions of snow totals overall.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Are you Ready for a Hurricane?

The track of Hurricane Joaquin has moved a little to the east since yesterday. The storm is currently a category 3 and is expected to strengthen to a category 4. As the storm travels North and is over colder water it will start to weaken. The storm should be downgraded to a category 1 when making landfall here in the Northeast.

No matter where the storm makes landfall we will have some powerful winds. Be prepared for any possible power outages.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin

We have a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean that may cause some problems here in the Northeast.
Currently Joaquin is located in the bahamas and is a category 1 hurricane.
The computer models show a variety of places that the storm can make landfall so we just have to stay tuned to all updates.

Massachusetts is included in the area that the hurricane may make landfall so be sure to listen to weather reports. or check back here tomorrow afternoon for an update.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School Heat

Yesterday was the first day of classes and yesterday was the hottest day of the summer. Crazy! Today the temperature will be 2-3 degrees lower but the humidity is supposed to be worse. Not the kind of weather you want when you are in a classroom with 30 other bodies. There are a few schools in Massachusetts that are dismissing students before noon time due to the heat. So we have had snow days and ice add heat days to the list.
I hope everyone has a wonderful school year.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hurricane season

We are in peak hurricane season and right now everyone on the east coast is watching Hurricane Ericka. She is supposed to hit Florida in the next couple of days.

I'm wondering if this storm will have any impact on Massachusetts??? I will continue to follow the storm and let you know.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Holiday weekend

Are you getting ready for a family BBQ this 4th of July weekend? I am. I am hosting the annual 4th of July cookout and pool party for 22 people so I am hoping for nice weather. Thankfully the forecast is looking good right now.
I hope everyone has  safe and happy 4th of July.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hurricane Season may begin early

Hurricane season typically runs June to November but we may have our first Atlantic Hurricane in May this year. There is a well established Low pressure 100 miles off the Carolinas. A Hurricane Hunters flight will be investigating. If this low pressure develops just a little more it could become the first named storm of the season - Ana.

Last week a report was released projecting a quieter than normal tropics this season. Wonder if that will be true considering the first storm is coming so early. Stay tuned for more details and where this storm travels...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter isn't over yet

First I would like to Apologize to all my readers. I haven't been blogging because I have been sick. I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I have Pneumonia so I am still dragging a little but we have more snow coming tonight so I just Had to blog.
So is everyone ready for some March snow?

This snow will most likely be the heavier wet snow as opposed to the light fluffy stuff we have been getting. Dave Epstein on channel 4 says there could be times tonight when the snow falls at rates of one inch per hour. The snow should be over by early tomorrow morning.

Just about every station has our area in the 6-8 inch range. The good news is that some of the snow will melt away later Monday because the sun will come out and the temperatures will warm up.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tonight into Sunday

Is everyone prepared for more snow? I believe this weather is quite a jolt for my son and all the other cadets from Mass Maritime as they arrived home today to temperatures of 15 degrees after being down south in St Thomas, Puerto Rico and Ft Lauderdale. My son has a nice tan.
back to the snow...the colder temps may be around a little longer than expected so the change over to rain will take place later than expected which means some higher snow amounts than originally predicted. Here are a couple of snow total maps I found.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Day another snow storm

Same old story here. There is more snow on the way. We have snow in the forecast for Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday's snow will probably change to rain but looks like Wednesday is all snow.
Saturday night the snow begins, after a few hours we will have a wintry mix and then rain. We will only have a couple of inches.

Then we get more precip on Wednesday and Wednesday evening. This will accumulate a little more than Sunday. According to the early predictions on we should have 4-8 inches.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Changes to Tuesday's storm

Time to get ready for our next round of snow. The good news is that we will not have to shovel as much this time around. The snow is coming in earlier than expected. We should see the first flakes falling as early as 6:00 am.

Most of the snow total maps are the same around 3 or 4 inches for this storm.

This snowfall may move us up to #2 snowiest winters. Will we be #1 before this winter is over? I believe the answer to that question is yes. More snow is on the way for Sunday. I'm hoping that does not happen because my son has been out on the Mass Maritime ship and the ship is supposed to return Sunday. Bad weather may change those plans.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

That's not the end of the snow

Winter storm, Neptune, is winding up today and moving out. Hopefully the wind doesn't cause any power outages as we go through the afternoon.

Once this storm ends we only get one day off and then we get more snow. Yes I said more. Winter storm, Octavia, will be bringing snow our way late Tuesday afternoon and then we have a chance for even more on Saturday. I don't think we will have any trouble getting to #1 winter for the most snow. Right now we are at 89 inches and with two more chances of snow this week we make hit #1 before February school vacation is over.

Below is a snow map from weather channel showing what we have to look forward to on Tuesday afternoon. The early amount talked about is 6 inches but we have to wait and see as the storm gets closer. Right now the storm is bringing snow to Nashville. 

We have had so much snow that my students are having fun building snow forts.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weekend Blizzard???

We have an inch or two of snow coming tonight. That's nothing compared to what we have been getting and what we are getting again this weekend. The heaviest snow falling late Saturday night into Sunday.

One thing I have noticed about this weekend storm is that all the TV stations are agreeing on the amount of snow. A foot or more. I just want to know the answer to one question.
Where are we going to put all this snow?

After this storm, possibly blizzard, we turn our attention to Tuesday night. I am just glad that I am on school vacation so I don't have to worry about missing another day of school.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More More More

This weather pattern is relentless. The snow doesn't want to stop. We will have light snow flurries today, tomorrow, and Friday. There is a storm Thursday night but that will be developing out over sea so we will only get an inch or two. The cape may get 4 inches.

as you can see from the graphic above we have a chance at a storm Saturday night and then another one next Tuesday. As those storms get closer I will be able to give you more details.
If Thursday night's storm comes any closer to us which means lots of snow I will let you know.
Stay tuned

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thursday snow

Looks like the worst of this next storm will be off shore but we still get snow and wind. There are two possible tracks and right now the storm appears to be taking the southern track. If that storm moves a little close to land then this storm gets much worse.

I guess I will have to repeat what all the weather people say, "We'll know more as the storm gets closer" In other words I can tell you more Wednesday night. Right now it appears as though the snow will start falling early evening on Thursday and continue all night to Friday morning.

Most stations are reporting around 6 inches but remember if the storm comes closer we will double that amount.