Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Six Flags Weather Forecast

Most important forecast of the year so far is this Friday. We want to have a decent weather day at Six Flags. I'm sure we will have fun even if it rains, but we will have more fun if the weather is good.
Right now the weather is looking good.

I hope everyone has a great time doing math at Six Flags. Just have to get through two more school days!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sunday Snow

Are you ready for a little more winter? We have a couple of inches headed our way tomorrow morning. The snow should start in the early morning and be over by noon time. We will also have to deal with strong winds tomorrow. Wind gusts could be as strong 60 mph tomorrow. The closer to the shore the stronger the winds. may have some power outages too.

After this snow is over we aren't finished with winter. There is more snow on the way for Monday, Mondays snow will be lighter than the snow expected Sunday but the snow may last all day Monday giving us a few inches.

Friday, April 1, 2016

little to no snow

I hope everyone enjoyed the nice warm temperatures the past couple of days because things are about to change. Starting Sunday we will be lucky if the temperature gets up to 40 degrees. There is a chance for a little snow Sunday morning too. An inch at most. The temperatures will remain on the chilly side through Thursday and we may see some flurries Monday and Tuesday but not amounting to anything. By next weekend the temperatures should get back to 60 degrees. I Hope. Where are my nice spring days?