Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter is here

Good morning to all the snow lovers out there. I think this post will make you happy. We will have several chances at getting snow over the next two weeks. The first snowfall should happen this afternoon. The snow should start to fall around 3:00 this afternoon. Most areas will see 3-4 inches but some locations mainly south of the Mass Pike could see up to 6 inches.

This should end early Wednesday morning and then later during the day Wednesday there is a chance for another inch or two.
After that the next chance will be Sunday night. There is the potential for a coastal storm. Not a block buster but some plowable snow. The GFS computer model favors over 6 inches of snow but the EURO is showing only 4-6. so we may have a snowy night as everyone heads out to the superbowl parties. As the day gets closer we will know more. No matter how much snow we get we will definitely have cold temperatures.

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