Friday, March 18, 2016

Snow Day Monday?????

If this storm track does not change then we may have Monday off. Right now everything is pointing to a foot of snow Sunday night into Monday. If the storm track changes then the snow amount will change. We just have to wait until the storm is closer. The storm is still over 48 hours away. Yesterday I posted the totals that Weather channel was predicting. Today I have a snow total map from and they are pretty close to the same as weather channel.

This snow is supposed to be wet and heavy so there may be some power outages. Make sure you are prepared for that. I will make sure I have flashlights, candles and that all my technology is fully charged or maybe I will go old school and read a book by candle light.

The National weather service put out this map for areas at high risk for power outages.

I will be back again this afternoon with any and all storm updates.

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