Friday, March 18, 2016

Here is your 2:00 update. The snow is still coming our way. The track has shifted a little to the East which just means the heavy snow area has moved a little to the south. This is what was first expected

now with the small shift to the east the heaviest snow is moving southward.

Every station continues to just say the potential is there for 6+ inches. I guess we will have to wait until the storm gets closer. I will not blog again today, but I will tomorrow afternoon.

The National weather service did post a map with the expected totals by Monday morning at 7 am. Keep in mind that the snow will continue to fall until late morning so these totals may increase. this map has Norton in the region of 7 inches.

If the storm track doesn't change we should get a sizable amount of the white stuff. Please be careful if you have to shovel because the snow will be the wet heavy stuff.

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