Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ready for some more snow?

I have spent the past two hours ready everything I can about the snow coming our way. There is the potential for several inches especially if we get the ocean enhanced effect. This storm is coming in a little bit later than our last storm. The snow will start Monday morning around 5am along the south coast and then continue to move northward. MEMA is warning that this storm may bring some strong winds.

Remember that a Blizzard does not mean we are getting a lot of snow. Below are the conditions needed for a Blizzard.

Be prepared for more power outages due to high winds. Below are the expected winds gusts from this storm.

I have posted snow total maps from several different sources below. If anything changes I will post an update later today.

And the latest map to hit the internet is from the National Weather Service. They have increased their amount in the past hour.

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