Thursday, December 8, 2016

Here Comes Caly

There is a storm on the west coast right now that is going to travel across the country and hit the Northeast late Sunday. This storm is named Caly. Could we get snow from this storm? There is a good chance of measurable snow from this storm. Right now the local tv stations are saying that the temperatures will be too warm for snow so we get all rain, but there are plenty of sources that disagree. The weather channel feels that the I-95 area has a good chance for snow but it is too early to predict how much

this map from weather channel shows us in the area of 3-5 inches. There is no rain at all on their map.

I also found this post on twitter from Northeast weather. This snow map has us in the 7 inch region

I will continue to follow this and post more as I learn more details about this storm.

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