Monday, November 24, 2014

Snow update

The chance of this storm going out to sea is pretty close to zero percent now. We will be getting moisture, and lots of it. The questions remains, Who gets snow and who gets rain and how much? As of this afternoon all reports that I have read state we will start out as rain late morning/early afternoon and we should change over to snow for the evening commute.

How much snow we get depends on when the change-over starts. The storm is expected to wrap up by Wednesday late evening. If the rain doesn't change to snow until 6 or 7 pm then we should only get an inch or two

For anyone traveling to the western part of the state, just be prepared for snow. over 6 inches are expected. There will be lots of moisture to work with and likely some banding on the northwest side of the center of the storm, which could be right over parts of our area. Where it is all rain there may be 1-to-2 inches, but where it is all snow, there is potential for a foot or more.

I expect that this forecast will change in 24 hours so I will continue to update this blog one or two times per day.

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