Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not a Hurricane yet

Arthur is still a tropical storm but is expected to strengthen  to hurricane status tomorrow. A storm reaches category 1 status when the winds near the center reach 74 mph. We have some weather to contend with before the storm gets any where near us. Tomorrow, Thursday Juy 3rd, we have a chance of some strong storms.

Then we get ready for some heavy down pours on Friday. Notice on the maps below that the national hurrican center has part of Massachusetts in what is called "The cone of uncertainty" This is the area where the path of the storm could go. If the storm comes closer to us then of course our weather will be much worse.

The many computer models are shown below and the majority of these computer models keep the storm 50-100 miles east of Massachusetts.

Hopeyou don't have outdoor plans for Friday like I do. Cookout and pool party at my house. Maybe not!

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