Sunday, March 9, 2014

Temperature Roller Coaster

Are you ready to ride on the weather roller coaster this week? Nice and warm yesterday with temps in the mid 50s. So I expected the same today, but noooo. Today the temperatures are in the mid 30s. Tomorrow morning back to winter, we can expect a few snow showers that might accumulate up to an inch and then Tuesday the temperature rises to 50 again, but that 50 doesn't stay around too long.
There is a storm headed our way for Wednesday night into Thursday with a lot of moisture. So the question is "Will we get rain or snow or both?" The track of the storm seems to be one that brings in the warmer temps so we will get some rain and a little snow at the end of the storm.
This could all change if the storm takes a different track so I will be sure to update you with any changes.

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