Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Update on Thursday Storm

Here is the latest that I have on Thursday's storm. I have read dozens of weather reports and weather blogs in the past hour. At this time most reports state that the storm is coming closer to us which means more rain than snow for our area. Heavy rain from what I have read.

There is a winter storm watch for our area. Around 7am everyone will start off with snow, but our area will change over to rain leaving us with a small amount of snow. Below are a few snow amount maps that I found.

With this forecast, I doubt that there will be a snow day. I should add in that every report I read also stated that this storm may shift a little which would change everything. I will update again tomorrow.


  1. I am a weather fanatic Mary & I just LOVE your weather blog!!!

  2. Thanks Amy, I have a lot of fun writing on this blog. Especially with all the storms this winter.